All about Fatima & Fatimaanaama!

Hello Erraaybady! Thank you for joining me here. Most of you might already know me throught Insta and Facebook and some of you might be new here (don’t worry, I am new HERE as well) but since it’s my first article on the blog, I thought of summarizing all about my life, my experiences and ME for you guys. Enjoy with your subah ki chai!

I am Fatima (ofcourse), born in Pakistan, moved to Abu Dhabi during my early childhood days, moved back to Pakistan after completing high school to join university in Karachi, got married last year and finally moved to Washington D.C. Yep, life has been a roller coaster since forever!WhatsApp Image 2018-10-19 at 5.36.48 PM

I am always high on sugar and when I am not, I just need some to function. People function on oxygen and I LIVE on sugar and BECAUSE of sugar! I need ‘meetha‘ after EVERY meal and sometimes just randomly a few times a day.

I am a Bollywood fanatic and I kid you not, I LITERALLY know the lyrics of (almost) all Bollywood songs. From ‘Kya huwa tera waada’ to ‘Sheela ki jawani‘, I remember all the lyrics (I wonder if I had given this much importance to my ‘parhai‘, I would have earned a PhD)

I am a crazy romantic person. I love flowers, ‘gajray‘, handmade cards, waterfalls, rainbows, candles, celebrating random anniversaries and random days with Shahzeb (my ‘miyaan‘ and one of the most important and most occurring highlight of my blog).

I never liked cooking and I actually sucked at it until I got married and starting living away from home (in short, when I moved to US). Thankfully, Shaan masalas and the fact that my ‘miyan‘ is a foodie, helped me develop my love (which has almost become a passion now) for cooking and specially baking. The person who didn’t know how to flip an egg while frying (without breaking it) can now make zingers, biryanis, pizzas, brownies, cookies and what not (basically almost everything). So now I love inviting people over, hosting ‘dawats‘ and cooking everything by myself.

Even though I love all colors, YELLOW is my most favorite. One day (agar Allah miyan ne chaha tu), most of the furniture in my house will be in the color yellow!

Cleaning, scented candles, walks and baking ALWAYS lighten up my mood and makes me feel awesome (app bhi try kijiyega, maza ayega!)

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-19 at 7.47.46 PM

Writing has always been my constant, a medium for my thoughts between me and the world. Hence, I started sharing my personal writings last year on Instagram and Facebook but never thought of starting a proper blog of my own until last month. Fatimaanaama is the expression of my likes and dislikes, my everyday musings and struggles, my random chai updates, once in a year occasions and everyday celebrations.

There will be times you will relate to my writings, feelings, thoughts and experiences while there will be days when you won’t be able to connect with me..which is OKAY because its impossible to relate to somebody’s thoughts and life ALL THE TIME. But on days when we won’t be able to find any common ground, we will respect each other’s opinions, thoughts and lifestyle without being ‘batameez‘ about it.

This is the space where we will talk, rant, share our happy, sad, full of excitement or dull moments but keeping in mind that both of us have lives outside our screens. On most days, you will find me and my life updates on your Insta stories and posts while on other days you will find me here when I’ll feel I need to share some more elaborated thoughts.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope we will see each other often! (fingers crossed)

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