My Comfort Food list! What’s yours?

“Jeena khaane ka naam hai” – Anonymous Wise Man

My mom used to say, “Beta, khaane ke liye na jiyo..jeene ke liye khao” but everytime I see my favorite khaana, this song comes to my head “Bin tere kya hai jeena”

Anyway, so before I start with today’s blog, grab a plate of your favorite samosas or pakoras (a cup of chai would work too) so that you guys don’t feel hungry when I write about my comfort food!

Although there are a lot of things that I absolutely love and I take forever to answer whenever someone asks me to pick my favorite food, but today I am going to talk about those khaane that I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT! I mean of course you can live without everything except oxygen likin wo jeena bhi kya jis main sirf saans li jai aur jiya na jai…wah wah (sorry for being a drama queen but khaana does that to me)

  1. So by now, most of you know my addiction for sugar. I literally can not imagine my life without it and this is pretty much the reason why I can’t go on a diet. But no regrets because life is sweet. Teehee!
    Basically, anything that has sugar (which includes icecreams (specially strawberry), pies, all kinds of desserts and even fruits) is my weakness and cheers me up instantly.
  2. I am a deewana pankha (lame, I know) of Biryani and specially if it has been cooked by my dad. Yes, you read it right. My dad cooks the best Biryani in the world (even better than my mom). So biryani is one thing I can eat in breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, hi-tea and snack time (including sehri & iftari) and since, (thankfully) Shahzeb is deewana for Biryani as well, it’s one dish that I cook the most at home.
  3. This is a weird one but I absolute larrveee WHITE SAUCE made by Chef Me!
    So I melt butter in the pan, add maida (all purpose flour) and saute it. Once it starts to thicken, I add milk and keep adding it until it reaches the desired consistency. I then add salt, pepper, chicken cube and loads of cheese.
    I usually make this sauce for steaks and pasta, but if I have some left over, I utilize it in sandwiches and sometimes with fries too. (it’s so delish that I forgot to photograph it everytime and eat it right away)
  4. I think this one is in almost everyone’s list and it’s one thing I miss the most in Amreeka – thailay wale french fries with loads of masala. I still remember that we used to order those chips after office hours when we used to be stuck with some clients or never ending work and trust me nothing used to make us feel better than those masalay wale chips with thandi coke. Oye Hoye, kya yaad dila diya! (zahir hai ab inhi amreekan curly fries se kaam chalana parta hai)fries
  5. Next in line is Daal Chawal and agar achaar bhi saath ho tu I don’t think there is anything better than that. The weird part is that most kids don’t like daal chawal and prefer fancy food but as they grow up, their hearts grow fond of daal chawal. I am not sure if most of you can relate to this but that has definitely happened with me.
    daal chawal
  6. This might be unbelievable for many but Kaddu ki tarkari (pumpkin curry for all the angrezi audience) is my favorite of all sabzis and it cheers me up when served with garm roti (and ofcourse if it’s ONLY & ONLY made by my mom). I haven’t had the chance of asking my mom for its recipe or even trying it at home because Shahzeb absolutely hates it (one of the biggest differences between us! sedlyf) and that’s why you have to use your imagination over here instead of a picture.

I don’t know about you guys but I am feeling super hungry after writing this blog and I think its the perfect bahana to cook some biryani for lunch..what say? 

P.s. don’t forget to comment and tell me all about your favorite comfort foods!

See you next time!

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