Project Love with Afsheen Owais

Kicking off with a new blog series here (actually my very first blog series) by the name of ‘Project Love’ where I am going to have random conversations about love, life and experiences with celebrities (not Shahrukh Khan or Ranbir Kapoor types but some amazing people) who are suuupper close to my heart (or your heart), people who might not be very famous but are real life heroes and celebrities for folks around them.

Disclaimer: Your feedback, constructive criticism and thoughts are ALWAYS welcome but I have zero tolerance for batameezi or rude comments. We are talking about ‘Project Love’ here. Show some love or don’t scroll down!

If you are ready for some raw, real and genuine gup shup, grab a cup of chai, and enjoy the very first blog on ‘Project Love’

My very first celebrity of this series is *drumrolls* Afsheen Owais! I met her a few months ago on Instagram. It wouldn’t be wrong if I said that Afsheen is made up of Chai and not flesh & blood (atleast that’s what her Instagram chai stories portray) She is genuine, humble, sweet and an amazing chef (all of this was also grasped from her stories) but let’s talk to her and know about her life and personality by Afsheen herself!


Afsheen ki kahaani, Afsheen ki zabaani 🙂

Hello Afsheen..we would love to know more about you (beyond Instagram) so tell us about yourself please

Hello Fatima, I am a Saudi Born Pakistani-Australian mommy of two who found her love for cooking and desserts while fighting with severe PPD (postpartum depression) after my first born. I am a very friendly person but I can’t stand people who are only with you for some benefit of their own. Other than that, you have already mentioned how passionate I am about Chai.

That’s great! So how was your life at home with your family before you moved out or got married?

My life was pretty chilled out. Being the youngest of all siblings I was the one who was spoiled. My wedding was like a sudden truth bomb lol. I had just taken a break from my job and had plans to complete my thesis but ended up getting married within four months.


Whoa..that must have been a major life changing event!

Do you have a memory box from childhood or teenage years? What kinds of things did you like collecting?

Yes I have and on my every visit to Karachi I make sure to have a look at those. Its pretty stupid as I was a die hard fan of Hrithik Roshan (still am), I used to collect postcards from his movies. My slam books and autograph books which I used to decorate with cuttings from magazines.

That was something new. I am sure most of your followers are not aware of your crushing on Hrithik Roshan 😀

Jab pyaar muhabbat ki baat ho hi rahi hai tu, when was the first time you fell in love in its truest sense?

Right after the birth of my son, when nurse gave him to me for skin to skin and he literally raised his neck and smiled at me with a tooth he was born with. I have never felt that intensity of love ever in my life.


Very first ‘aww’ moment on Project Love…how cute!

So how do you unwind yourself after a long tiring day?

A warm cup of tea is my thing and a good movie to go with it.

Here is Afsheen’s compilation of her love for chai and bollywood oldies, check it out! 

Ofcourse. This was easy to guess!

Is there anything weirdly funny about you that most people don’t know?

I used to make the most horrible biryani ever! Bilkul clumped maleeday type biryani..imagine?!? God bless one of my bhabis, with her help and some practice I can now make tameez ki edible biryani. (I hope these biryani lovers don’t start unfollowing me)

Hahaha..don’t worry! First time kitchen disasters are a must for everyone..

What’s that one thing that you absolutely love about yourself? Is there anything that you would like to change in your personality?

I think I am honest. I will say the right thing always. Doesn’t matter if it gets me in trouble because I believe eventually it will bear the sweet fruit for me.

The thing I want to change about myself is not being able to say NO!


We think you are honest too!

Three things that you do to lift your spirit or mood on a daily basis or when you are feeling low.

I recite duas. I talk to my ammi. I try to see pictures or movies from my childhood which act like a time machine for me literally.

Ammis are our saviors, always, I swear!!

Something that you tell yourself to keep yourself positive

It’s all going to be okay InshahAllah.

Three distinct changes in your personality in the last 10 years and where do you see yourself as a person or aspire to be in the next 10 years?

I have learned to stay quiet..specially if I feel like it doesn’t matter for the other person as to what am I thinking. I have admitted all my ignorance and misbehavior which I used to do as a spoiled brat with my mom and sisters. I have started to value my time and my efforts which have usually been exploited by people.

In the next 10 years, I hope I will be able to see my kids grow up to be a constructive part of the society and have empathy towards other people.


Hmm..good to know!

Can you please share your all time favorite lines from your most favorite poetry or script?

I am not much of a poetry person. I can go through it just normally without feeling anything (so cold I know)

Haha wow! I didn’t know about this.

You mentioned about PPD (postpartum depression) in your introduction. Would you like to talk about how you overcame it?

I talked about it in one of my Instagram posts. I was a first time mom and we had recently shifted to Sydney and I was completely overwhelmed with such major life changes. I was depressed and I knew something was majorly wrong with me and that’s when I decided to do the following:

Confiding in my husband and making him understand whats happening. To overcome sad feelings without any reason, I started watching light humorous and animated movies. To overcome my sense of hopelessness, I got in touch with all my friends whom I got distant with after getting married. To fight away my frustration, I joined Islamic classes and started learning Quran with translation. To concentrate and remember things, I started BAKING! It was therapeutic for me and I was able to focus and be creative.


That was intense but we are glad that you overcame it and doing so much better now.

Chalein bhae, it’s time for the most important part of this series, Rapid Fire Round, inspired by my all time favorite KJo’s Koffee with Karan!

Since we are not shooting this live, I am hoping that Afsheen answered these questions rapidly and was extremely raw, honest and genuine. Lezzz go!

What’s one song that describes you or your life right now?

Tum sath ho, ya na ho

Kya ferq hai

Be-dard thi zindagi

Be-dard hai

Ager tum saath ho!

Who’s that person you trust with your life?

My middle sister. I call her baji and she lives in Canada.

Life without chai or life without biryani?

Life without biryani (sorry biryani lovers)

What’s more important; love or happiness?

Love all the way!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Check the time and if I can sleep for five more minutes.

What’s that one thing you absolutely hate to do but HAVE to do everyday?

I absolutely loathe waking up early

Most important date in your life

15th July 2013, when my Safwan was born.

When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

Just last week traveled by bus in Dubai for the first time.

What’s life for you in one line or word?


What’s death for you in one line or word?


What’s love for you in one line or word?

Being faithful and respectful.

This brings us to the end of our conversation. You answered most questions perfectly well but unfortunately we don’t have that special KJo’s hamper here. What you CAN do is make a special cup of tea (meri taraf se) and treat yourself. You are welcome 😉

Jokes apart, it was lovely talking to you and knowing more about your life. Thank you for being a part of my ‘Project Love’ 

I don’t know about my readers, but I have definitely fallen a little more for you after having this conversation.

As for all of you, thank you for joining us in this casual chit chat with Afsheen, I hope you liked it. If you want to explore her love for chai and bollywood, follow her Instagram Stories while if you are a foodie and looking for some amazing recipes, follow her on her blog.

I will be back with another beautiful celebrity to share another beautiful tale of life and love. Hoping to see YOU around! 🙂

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  1. Alina says:

    Its was really interacting!! Loved it!! The video was fun!😅😅


    1. Fatimaanaama says:

      Yayyyiii Thanks a ton Alina! 🙂 Keep coming, keep reading and keep enjoying ❤


  2. Tasmiyah says:

    Absolutely love Afsheen! And really happy to see your blog!!! Looking forward to knowing more amazing people through your lovely Project Love 🙂

    Keep shining 😘


    1. Fatimaanaama says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH Tasmiyah! It means the world to me that you poured so much love for this new initiative! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Maham says:

    It’s beautiful to know new people and relate to them in some way. Best of luck fatima for thise series ♡


    1. Fatimaanaama says:

      Thanks a ton Maham! 🙂 Hoping to see YOU around here more often 😉


  4. Aryamumsyblog says:

    This looks like a great initiative. Really enjoyed reading this series. You both are love! Good job Fatima!
    – Aryamumsyblog


    1. Fatimaanaama says:

      Thank you so much for taking out time and giving it a read 🙂 It really means a lot to me.


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